A house or house can accommodate several generations, if of course you renovate on time. Think of facade renovation, renewing electricity, masonry, tiling, replacing household appliances, painting, a newer modern kitchen or breaking open the living room and kitchen. In addition to maintenance and repair, there are also always innovations in the field of insulation, energy savings and safety. Of course, as a resident you also want the facilities in your home to match your needs. And these needs change over the years. Renovation work or renovation can therefore be very drastic, which is why it is wise to work with an expert from the Costa del Sol region and be on site daily. ReForm Costa del Sol your experienced contact person for maintenance, repair and renovation in and around your home.

There are many things to take into account when renovating. You will have to make a good planning in advance. It is important to comply with current legislation and regulations, how will you finance the project and who will implement the project? We at ReForm Costa del Sol not only offer our services in the form of workers, but we also think along with the specific wishes of the customer. We help you choose.

Practical tips for renovation:

Below are a number of points for attention before starting the work. For more advice or a no-obligation quote, please contact ReForm Costa del Sol. We are happy to help you.

Collect information. The more you know, the better you are informed and the more and more precise you can choose. You can already collect a lot of information online. There are also construction fairs and ask around in your area or to families that have already migrated. Determine what you like and not unimportantly: determine what you don’t like.
Determine your own capacities: There are things you can prepare and implement yourself. But be realistic and don’t take on too much hay to regret it afterwards. Sometimes you just need a specialist like ReForm Costa del Sol to save time and money by outsourcing various tasks.
Determine your budget: Nobody has an endlessly deep savings account. By determining an amount in advance, a schedule can be drawn up much more effectively.