Everyone knows what a contractor and construction company is. But what exactly do they do? In which activities can they all help you and what are they responsible for? Most people think of a home renovation when thinking of a contractor and construction company. It is true that both are involved in this, but this is not the only thing they can help with. You can also think of, for example, the renovation of your facade, an extension, new dormer windows or the renovation thereof, window frames and moisture control. If you have a job where you are not sure whether you are in the right place with a construction company or contractor, you can always ask a professional for advice.

Facade renovation

With a facade renovation, a construction company will start working on your facade. After all, your facade is the calling card of your home, so it is as beautiful as it is in good condition. There are various ways of facade renovation, which a contractor and construction company can provide you with information about. The contractor takes on the facade renovation job and ensures that employees of the construction company carry out the facade renovation. In this way it is ensured that the work is properly distributed and carried out. If you would like more information about facade renovation and the tasks of a contractor or construction company in this area, you can always request information from ReForm Costa el Sol, specialist in facade renovation and moisture control.


More people will come knocking at a construction company with an extension than with damp control, for example. If you want an extension, you often first contact the contractor. Here, too, the contractor accepts your assignment and ensures that all work ends up with the right person and is also carried out. With an extension you can think of, for example, a conservatory or simply more space in your kitchen or living room. If you want more information about an extension, or are looking for advice, a construction company can help you with this. Look for the construction companies with the right papers, they often have the necessary experience and can therefore help you well.


There are many different options when it comes to dormer windows. This is also a job where a construction company is happy to help you. For example, you can ask for information and advice here, but of course, also have the job done through the contractor. Because there are many different options for dormer windows, it is wise to ask a construction company for advice. For example, there are dormer windows with a straight roof and a sloping roof. And which option best suits your wishes and home?


If you are looking for a new window and someone who can install it for you, you can easily contact a construction company. A contractor takes on your job and passes the responsibilities on to the right person. You can also get information and advice from a construction company. There are several options that you can choose from. If you just look at the material, such as wood, plastic or aluminium, it is difficult to make a choice. A contractor or construction company can advise you on the various options and ensure that they meet your needs. ReForm Costa del Sol installs windows at attractive rates.

Do it yourself or hire a construction company?

If you do not have two left hands, some jobs around your home can be done yourself. In case you are not that handy or if you do not want to carry out a job yourself, it is nice that you can turn to a construction company. A contractor and construction company can help you with many jobs. If you are not again or if a job is being carried out by a construction company, you can always ask for advice from a professional. A contractor or construction company will tell you whether it is possible to carry out your job or whether it is necessary to knock elsewhere. Do not hesitate, but contact ReForm Costa del Sol if you want to have a job done!